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Gorefest is a Dutch death metal band from Zeeland, Middelburg. Regarded as one of the pioneers of death metal in his country, the group quickly evolves to a register more hard rock, then heavy metal, before returning to death metal in 2005.

Gorefest was formed in Zeeland in 1989. The group signed to an independent local label, Foundation 2000, for an album. Before recording Mindloss , they recorded a demo in 1990. In 1991, therefore, released their first studio album, Mindloss , produced by Colin Richardson.

In 1992, the band released a second studio album called False. After Gorefest's publication, Gorefest is taking part in the Insanity Tour tour in Europe including the Netherlands, France, Spain, Sweden and the Czech Republic with Deicide and Atrocity. A bomb is set in motion on November 25, 1992 at Fryshuset in Stockholm >>>. No injuries are reported>. The bomb was in fact a protest by animal rights activists protesting in particular against singer Glen Benton who claimed his commitment to torture and kill animals. Gorefest had already received death threats >>> and was sowing to leave the city>.

In 1994 released their studio album Erase , on which the group is moving towards a more traditional style of metal>. This musical approach is more blatant in their album Soul Survivor published in 1996, which combines death metal and British metal of the 1970s>. Gorefest then goes from Nuclear Blast Records to Steamhammer / SPV>. The album Chapter 13 is published in 1998 in Europe, and includes a sound more oriented classical rock>. Despite the opportunity of an opening tour for Judas Priest that same year, the group will not be able to climb into the leading pack and will separate at the end of that year. He then quickly falls into oblivion. At the end of the year, the group separates>, and then falls quickly into oblivion.

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