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Gorod is a French death metal band from Bordeaux, Gironde. The group is initially formed in 1997 under the name of Gorgasm. Under this name, the group released a studio album entitled Neurotripsicks in 2004, before changing its name to Gorod in 2005.

The group is initially formed in 1997 under the name of Gorgasm>. The original band consists of Barby (bass), former member of Voracious Gangrene, Matthieu (guitar) and Sandrine (drums). Guillaume (vocals), former member of Voracious Gangrene, will join them soon after, as well as several second guitarists. In 2000 released a first demo called Gorgasm . In 2002, a promo CD was recorded and mixed at BUD Records Studio, located in Mérignac. Aside from Matthew, Nico is credited as a guitarist. The formation is stabilized with the arrival of Arnaud, from the Trarko group, for guitars.

In 2004, Neurotripsicks , their first studio album, is recorded in coproduction with the label Deadsun Records >>>. It is reissued on July 12, 2005 in North America by the Willowtip Records label (based in Pennsylvania)>, which signs the group for its next two albums. In April 2005, they perform a split with Nerlich and Decoherence entitled "Embalmed Madness" published on the label Nihilistic Holocaust >>>.

In order not to be confused with the Chicago Gorgasm group, which is also in the metal register, Gorgasm becomes Gorod.

In 2006, they released their new album Leading Vision under Gorod, which will be distributed by Earache Records in Europe. The album is so well received that the band goes on tour in Europe and plays Maryland's DeathFest. At the end of 2008, Bourguignon left the group and was replaced by Sam Santiago (ex-Zubrowska) before Gorod entered the studio to record his new album, Process of a New Decline , published in 2009>. Santiago helps the band to move towards groove metal>. The band tours in Europe alongside Immolation, and plays several festivals in France>. They also play Neurotic DeathFest, Midwest Fuckfest and Maryland Deathfest.

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