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Grinspoon is an Australian post-grunge group from Lismore, New South Wales. Formed in 1995, it consists of Phil Jamieson and Pat Davern (on guitar), Joe Hansen (on bass) and Kristian Hopes (on drums) >>>>>. It truly bursts onto the Australian stage after winning the Unearthed contest organized by the radio station Triple J and responsible for promoting unknown young talents from all over Australia.

Strongly influenced by nu metal and alternative metal, Grinspoon has also made itself known by recording one of the musical tracks of the video game Gran Turismo 3. The musical influences of the band range from Bush to Radio Birdman, through the Beatles (Helter Skelter period) and Ween>.

The creation of the band is inseparable from that of the Unearthed competition organized for the first time by the Australian pop rock radio station Triple J in 1995. The concept of this program is based on the quest for new talents throughout the country and, where appropriate, on the promotion of their music through a regular broadcast on the radio.

The four Australians decide to try their luck and present themselves at one of the castings under the name of Grinspoon, a reference to Dr. Lester Grinspoon, professor emeritus in psychiatry who advocated the use of soft drugs in the treatment of certain pathologies. A few months later, they win the contest with their first title Sickfest . Their first EP was released in 1995 under the title of Grinspoon (also known as Green Album ) and is produced by an independent production company called Oracle. Taking Sickfest , the song at the origin of their victory, it also contains several tracks called to a certain success (and re-recorded later) such that More than You Are . In December 1996 released their second EP, Licker Bottle Cozy, produced by Grudge Records >>>. It is marked by an increased presence of harder and sharper sounds, especially in the titles Post Enebriated Anxiety or Pig Pen . It is also on this EP that we find the title Champion which will later be used as the video game's music track Gran Turismo 3 .

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