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Groovy Aardvark is a Canadian punk rock band from Longueuil, Quebec. the group and originally formed in 1986, and separated in 2005. Groovy Aardvark has had many members since the beginning of its existence. They sing in English and French >>>. They are nominated four times at the ADISQ gala and four times at the Montreal Independent Music Industry (MIMI's) gala.

The group, initially called Schizophrenic Muff Divers, was composed of four students from Gérard-Filion High School, from Longueuil, Quebec. The members are Vincent and Danny Peake, Stéphane Vigeant and Marc-André Thibert. In 1987, a year later, the group changed its name to Groovy Aardvark.

They recorded three audio cassette demos - One Fine Day (1987), Promo Démo (1989) and The Late Race to Zero (1991) - before the release of a first studio album, entitled Eater's Digest, in 1994. Although members speak French natively, most of the songs on the album are in English. After this first outing, the band turns two months in Quebec.

In 1996, the group released its second studio album, Vacuum. The group knows the success thanks to this album which contains in particular the radio hit Dérangeant>, the cover of Félix Leclerc's Le petit bonheur and Boisson d'avril, with Yves Lambert and Michel Bordeleau of La Bottine Souriante>. Orycterope, their third studio album, released in 1998, is a French-language album (except for one song), which is a first for Groovy. In 1999, the group released the Exit Stage Dive live compilation to the MPV / Musicor> label. Subsequently, the group pauses.

The group returns in 2000 with the release of a fourth album, Fast Times at Longueuil High >>>. The guitarist and lyricist Martin Dupuis explains that "between the change of guitarist, the recording of the live and Fast Times, we did not have much time to meet and write new songs. There are other reasons too, but I will not dwell on it. Fast Times at Longueuil High includes re-recordings of their first three demos >>>.

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