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Guitar Pro is a music score editing software originally specialized for guitars, basses, ukuleles, banjos. It has been marketed by Arobas Music since 1997. The software has evolved over the years and allows the edition of professional scores for many other instruments such as piano and drums, as well as the addition of lyrics, texts, fingerings, chord diagrams.

A Guitar Pro sheet music player is also available in mobile / tablet versions for iOS and Android.

The first version aimed at converting MIDI and ASCII files to tablature, with the possibility of modifying them, printing them, and especially listening to them. The ASCII format, basic but universal, was widely used on the Internet to exchange partitions, and no software managed the tablature correctly. Guitar Pro, from its first version, proposed to import and export this format, offering in a few clicks a much more pleasant, printable and can be listened to. The software has been translated into many languages ​​by the users themselves, and has quickly spread, benefiting from the rise of the web at the time. The different versions have continued to develop the concept while remaining at an affordable price level, which has made Guitar Pro the most popular editing software for guitarists around the world. Designed initially for tablature, Guitar Pro has developed to support also musical writing in classical music theory, first, then the drums notation, the double range of the piano and the various keys (ground, , ut).

Guitar Pro allows you to write scores quickly and easily, by entering notes with the keyboard, the mouse using the virtual guitar neck, or from a MIDI instrument. All notations and known effects of guitarists can be incorporated into the score (bend, pull-off, let ring, tapping, etc.), in tablatures as in solfège notation.

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