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Haggard is a German symphonic metal band from Munich, Bavaria. The musical style of the band is characterized by a mix of melodic metal and influences from classical music and early music (Renaissance and Medieval)

Haggard was formed in 1989 in Munich, Bavaria>. In his training, Haggard only plays death metal>. The band changed their musical genre after their first demo entitled Introduction in 1992, including symphonic elements and classical instruments to his compositions. The group manages to combine folk, classical music and melodic metal in the spirit of medieval and Renaissance. The album And Thou Shalt Trust ... the Seer is a revelation in 1997.

After their second album, Awaking the Centuries, released in 2000, they tour two tours in Mexico. Awaking the Centuries reaches the 64> place of the German rankings>, and involves no less than 21 musicians. All songs are written by Asis Nasseri, singer and guitarist of the group. In 2004, the band released its third album Eppur Si Muove (47> German Rankings>), based on the life of the Italian historical figure Galileo, condemned by the Church for heresy because of his theories, inspired by the work of Copernicus , on heliocentrism.

In February 2006, the group was confirmed for the Evolution Festival, held from 15 to 16 July 2006 at the Toscolano Maderno Campo Sportivo in Brescia, Italy, alongside Finntroll and Within Temptation>. Haggard is then confirmed in March 2007 for the Battle of Metal open-air festival scheduled for July 5-7, 2007 in Geiselwind, Germany>.

Tales of Ithiria, originally announced for June 29, 2007, has been postponed for personal reasons. Haggard publishes his fourth album, Tales of Ithiria, in 2008, It is based on a fantastic story, according to an interview with Asis Nasseri for a German site in August 2005. Also in 2008, they participate in the Ragnarök Festival.

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