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Hatebreed is an American hardcore metal band from Bridgeport, Connecticut. The group was formed in November 1994 by Jamey Jasta, Dave Russo, Larry Dwyer and Chris Beattie. Influenced by thrash metal and punk, the band became one of the precursors of American metalcore in the 2000s.

Hatebreed was formed in Bridgeport, Connecticut, influenced by the New York hardcore scene with bands such as Agnostic Front, Cro-Mags, and big names in American thrash metal such as Metallica, Slayer or Sepultura. record a demo three tracks, then a first EP titled Under The Knife on the independent label Smorgasbord Records in 1996, by the way the band recruits a second guitarist , Wayne Lozniak. This first EP goes unnoticed, it is only with their first album published in 1997 Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire that Hatebreed gets noticed, AllMusic claims that "the result is an angry album, even harder than Slayer has ever done in a decade>. Criticism in general highlights the group's first effort, calling this album a hardcore classic >>>. For this album the band already knows some change, first Dwyer is replaced on the guitar by Loue Richards, Jamie Pushbutton replaces Dave Russo on drums and Lozniak is replaced by Matt McIntosh as second guitarist.

Hatebreed then comes out of the East Coast hardcore scene to tour world-famous bands such as Slayer, Deftones and Napalm Death, expanding its fans to people not used to hardcore hardcore punk. Thus in 2002 the band released his second album entitled Perseverance and signed at the same time with a major, Universal. Criticism salutes Jamey Jasta's song, and the rage and power of sound. Kerry King, Slayer's guitarist, even collaborates with the band adding a solo on the song "Final Prayer" . Another change of members, McIntosh is replaced by Sean Martin on the guitar, and battery side three drummers succeed Rigg Ross (Skarhead, Madball) replaces Pushbutton in 1999 before the arrival of Matt Byrne (All Out War) in 2000.

The fame of the band is then bigger and bigger, Jasta even presents the new version of MTV2, MTV2's sister channel. In 2002, Lou Boulder Richards left the band. Hatebreed will remain without a guitarist until the release of supremacy where Frank 3 Gun (Ringworm, Terror) joins the band>. Hatebreed released the following year, in 2003, the album The Rise of Brutality , the single This is Now often appearing on the show Headbangers Ball . The Asice webzine claims that "music is even faster and heavier than on Perseverance . "

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