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Hatred is a German power and thrash metal band from Schweinfurt and Bamberg.

The band was formed in 1998 by Mirko Endres on vocals and Daniel Buld on drums. Steffen Lindner is the guitarist in April 1999. In June and July 2000, he understands Stefan Hofmann on bass and Michael Lehnard as second guitar. In September, Matthias Mauer replaces Mirko Endres. Hatred gives his first concert in Bad Neustadt an der Saale>. The group gains experience on many smaller and larger events. He appears especially with Tankard, Onkel Tom, Vendetta, Wizard or Chinchilla.

The group knows its largest number of spectators with its presence at Earthshaker Fest in 2003 and Metalcamp in 2005 and 2006>. Hatred shares the stage with Six Feet Under, Ektomorf, Destruction and Sodom. He is one of the groups of the 2007 edition of the Irish festival Day of Darkness. The attention persists when Hatred publishes his first disc, the Fractured demo. The first 500 copies are sold in one and a half years. The first album, Souless, comes out in 2004>. In November 2008, the group signed a registration contract with the independent label Twilight-Vertrieb of Lübeck. The band's second album, "lang en"> "Madhouse Symphonies" , is released and distributed in Europe. By the way, Matthias "Bacchus" Mauer and Daniel "Evil Ewald" Buld founded the Queens of Metal festival where groups are present the most important of the Nuclear Blast label. In November 2009, Mosh Crüe , a cover of (We are the) Moshcrew from the album Madhouse Symphonies , becomes the generic of the video game Brütal Legend in Germany.

In the fall of 2010, the group changed record companies. With SAOL, an independent label from Hanover, he recorded the sequel to Madhouse Symphonies. Destruction Manual is out October 22, 2010. When Daniel Buld leaves the group in May 2012, he no longer has a founding member. He will continue to play in Paradox with former guitarist Christian Münzner>.

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