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Hed PE , stylized (hәd) pe , also known as (HeD) Planet Earth , is a group of American rock rap, native from Huntington Beach, California. Formed in 1994, this band is part of the rapcore movement, published by the Suburban Noise label. At the end of the title clip No Rest for the Wicked appears another interpretation of Hed PE.

The training gathers / mixes several styles of music mentioned above. The musical identity of the band is characterized by their songs ranging from hip-hop to reggae, including rapcore, heavy metal / punk guitars, hilarious samples / scratches and a grind-punk drum set. Led by singer and leader Jahred, Hed PE has a total of ten studio albums, a CD / DVD and three compilations in a 24-year career.

The band was formed in the mid-1990s by rapper Jared Gomes (also known as MC Underdog and M.C.U.D.)> and guitarist Wes Geer>. They surround themselves with guitarist Chizad, bassist Mawk, drummer B.C. Vaught and DJ Product © 1969. They call their group Hed, an acronym for higher education. They make themselves known to the local scene thanks to their energetic performances and record in 1995 their first self-produced EP, Church of Realities.

The band is noticed by the label Jive Records who signed them in 1997, and their first eponymous album is released the same year. The album is well received by critics, especially for its originality, but has only a very limited commercial success. The group will therefore have to repay to its label the money advanced for making the record.

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