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Her bright skies

Her Bright Skies is a Swedish post-hardcore band from Jönköping.

The band is composed of musicians Johan "Jaybee" Brolin (vocals), Niclas Sjostedt (guitar), Peter "Pete" Nilsson (guitar, vocals), Joakim "Jolle" Karlsson (bass, vocals) and Jonas Gudmundsson (drums). In 2007, Her Bright Skies released a first EP Behind Quiet Waters, produced in-house and self-distributed.

Their first album, A Sacrament: Ill City, was released in 2008 under the District 19 label. Two years later, the second album, Causing a Scene, follows the independent Swedish label Panic and Action. In support of the album, the single Little Miss Obvious is released, and a clip is filmed. They then tour England, including London and Manchester, which will serve as filming locations. They then tour Sweden, including Pier Pressure 2010 in Gothenburg with HIM, Paramore, 30 Seconds to Mars, and Pendulum. They also play with Adept and Bring Me the Horizon. With the group Bring Me the Horizon, they shoot in Scandinavia>. At Vätterfesten, they play with Anna Bergendahl and Medina>. The group is headlining the Panic & Action Tour with Kid Down in Sweden>. Also, the group plays concerts in Norway, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. The group plays at the Siesta! Festival July 2-4 with Asking Alexandria], ... And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, August Burns Red, Adept, and Bullet>.

On July 6, 2011, the band is shooting at Putte i Parken with Kesha, Dead by April, Monster Magnet, Paramore, Pendulum, Rasmus Seebach and The Wombats>. In March 2012, a semi-acoustic EP entitled DJ Got Us Falling in Love is published. The group begins in February 2012 to record the album Causing a Scene in New York. The album, initiated by Rivals, is published in January 2013. In April and May 2013, the group visits for the first time the United States. On January 6, 2014, the group announced on Facebook the departure of Jonas Gudmundsson.

as well as a DVD released in 2007.

Hellyeah's debut can be traced in 2000 during the Tattoo the Earth tour with Mudvayne, Nothingface, Slayer, Slipknot and Sevendust. Nothingface guitarist Tom Maxwell befriends Mudvayne singer Chad Gray and discusses the possibility of forming a supergroup. The following year, in 2001, Nothingface spins with Mudvayne and the idea of ​​forming a supergroup is again launched, but still put on hold for lack of time. At that time, Gray and Maxwell had already chosen between five names.

Tribbett meets Maxwell "a whim" and asks him to join the group. Nothingface's drummer, Tommy Sickles, played drums on the band's demo but will not meet the band's expectation that he will look for a new drummer. The group knew Pantera's drummer and Damageplan, Vinnie Paul, whom he tries to persuade to join them. The group insists and Paul finally agrees to join them.

In 2006, Mudvayne does not plan any tour, while Nothingface is preparing a new album. After the summer, the two friends can finally launch their long-awaited project for years>.

Gray flew to Baltimore to discuss the new project in more detail. The song Waging War is written in two days. In the summer of 2006, members agreed on their schedules to finally record a first album>. The album is recorded at Paul's studio, Chasin 'Jason, in Arlington, Texas. Filled with photos of his brother Dimebag, Paul returns with difficulty in the studio, where the latest albums by Damageplan and Pantera, and the collaboration Rebel Meets Rebel have been recorded, but feels that "the black cloud has finally passed" thanks to the positive energy generated by each>. Maxwell and Tribbett write the album, and Paul accompanies them to "lead them in the right direction" , alongside Gray who gives his opinion on musical arrangements>. Paul produces the album and Gray feels that Paul "makes it all easier". The album is finished in almost a month, in three sessions. The group works on the album in eight days and returns home to take a break. A 14-day session follows after the break, and 10 days in the studio. The training being complete, they try to find a name for the group. Members write their ideas on a piece of paper, and it's finally "Hellyeah" that comes out>. Gray gives the name to "Great Teens, Beers and Girls, and AC / DC and Metallica>. "

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