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Hieronymus bosch

Jheronimus van Aken , says Hieronymus Bosch , or Jheronimus Bosch ('s-Hertogenbosch, in Dutch, where his pseudonym), circa 1450 - August 1516), is a Dutch painter, of the Flemish primitive movement.

A member of the Illustrious Brotherhood of Notre Dame, he is a gothic artist who ends up as a fantastic artist even though he may be culturally close to humanistic circles, to the thought of Erasmus and Thomas More. The Garden of Delights would be, like More's Utopia, a vision of what the world could be if it had not been corrupted by evil. Rejecting the idea of ​​a "riddle collection" at Bosch, Hans Belting focuses on artistic practice itself, where new issues emerge:

"The ambivalence of the pictorial language surpasses here the enigma of the content and opens to painting this new space of freedom where it becomes an art in the same way as the poetry". "

The biography of Hieronymus Bosch lacks certainty, the few information concerning him being taken from documents relating to late copies of the archives of 's-Hertogenbosch or from accounts of the Illustrious Brotherhood of Our Lady, so that the authors have been able to describe him in turn as pragmatic or visionary, ignorant or erudite, devout or heretic. Jheronimus van Aken comes from a family of painters and illuminators> from Aachen (Aachen, Aken in Dutch), who settled around 1423 in 's-Hertogenbosch (s-Hertogenbosch), city ​​of commerce and seat of the government of North Brabant, the nickname of Bosch from the abbreviated Flemish name of that city. He was born about 1450-1455>. In 1462, his father, Anthonius, set up the family workshop in a house on the east side of the main square and named in honor of his patron saint, In Sint Thoenis. This is where the young Jheronimus formed, between the late 1460s and the early 1470s, alongside his elder brother Goessen. Associated with his father between 1474 and 1476, he then disappeared documents from 's-Hertogenbosch during four years, during which time he could have completed a tour of companionship, that is to say, a trip to complete his training >.

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