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High and Mighty Color ( = イ · ア ン ド· マ イ テ ィ · カ ラ ー , Hai ando Maiti Karā > ) is a Japanese rock band from Sony Music Entertainment Japan.

Originally from Okinawa, the first five members of the group ( Meg , Sassy , Kazuto , mACKAz and Yuusuke ) had originally named their group Anti-nobunaga and were content to take over the Metallica group.

At the time, they played mostly in bars and cafes-theaters. Sassy , leader of the group, sends demos to record companies. A small Japanese label spots them and decides to take care of them. In 2003, they begin to become quite famous after participating in several festivals.

Also in 2003, they meet their future singer: Maakii , and offer him to join the band. She then canceled her studies in Canada and joined the group. Following the integration of Maakii into the group, Anti-nobunaga renamed itself " HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR " in the course of 2004.

After a studio session, they make their first official appearance (as High and Mighty Color) in a festival. Then comes out their first disc, Over ~ Indies Version ~ , in limited sale of 1,500 copies, sold in less than a month.

Some time later, Sony Music Entertainment notices them. In December 2004, they announce their first single with this label.

Their first single, PRIDE , comes out in January and runs to more than 200,000 copies. This piece was supposed to be used as a support for a Japanese Football event, but it will eventually be used as a generic for the anime Gundam Seed Destiny. This anime was highly anticipated and allowed the group to enjoy incredible media support. This single will prove to be their biggest success since their debut.

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