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High on fire High on Fire is an American heavy metal band from Oakland, California.

While the Sleep adventure ends in 1997, his guitarist Matt Pike (vocals / guitar) decides to join a new band whose sound will incorporate the thrash influences of his youth. Again based in San Francisco, High on Fire, like Sleep, takes the form of a trio of which Des Kensel will be the drummer, and George Rice the bassist. After a first demo, the band released their first studio album, entitled The Art of Self Defense , in 2000 at 12th Records, later reissued in 2012 at Tee Pee Records with two bonus tracks>.

A little later, the Relapse Records label notices High on Fire, and hastens to sign them in 2001>. This resulted in a second studio album of the group, entitled "Surrounded by Thieves" , in 2002, allowing them to shoot massively until George Rice do not decide to leave. The time has come to put a third opus on track, and that's why Matt Pike is recruiting a figure of the American alternative scene, Joe Preston (formerly Melvins, Sunn O's collaborator) on the WhiteHighs. on Fire, Thrones). The recording can take place and Blessed Black Wings is born in 2005.

It is a marathon that commits itself for High on Fire, and Relapse will feed the promo 'as it should with the release, limited to two thousand copies, of Live from the Contamination Festival. This frenzied pace will have the effect of Joe Preston's motivation on the start, but he will eventually be replaced at the last moment by a certain Jeff Matz (Zeke) on the rest of the 2006 tour. However his status remains to be determined to this day. , since we still do not know if he became a permanent member or not of High On Fire. But with the announcement of the release of the fourth album in September 2007, entitled "Death is the Communion" , Matt Pike declares that the bass player is an integral part of combo.

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