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Eric Bosteels (drums) Frank Duchêne (keyboard) Esther Lybeert (singer) Liesje Sadonius (singer) Kyoko Baertsoen (singer) Geike Arnaert (singer)

Hooverphonic is a Belgian trip hop band formed in 1995 by Alex Callier (bassist and programmer), Raymond Geerts (guitarist), Frank Duchêne (keyboard) and singer Esther Lybeert. Very fast part of the group, it is nevertheless on some demos of the first album. She is replaced by Liesje Sadonius who is on the final studio version of the first album. This one left after its recording and replaced briefly by Kyoko Baertsoen of Lunascape, then Geike Arnaert of the second album in 2008. Noémie Wolfs (native of Scherpenheuvel) was the singer of the group until March 29, 2015 >>>.

In its early days (before 1997), the group was called Hoover but was forced to change its name because of homonymy with other groups in the world as well as with a big brand of vacuum cleaners. The idea for this name comes from a thought made by one of their friends who spoke jokingly of vacuum cleaner music when they heard their first songs.

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