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Horkyze slize

Horkýže Slíže is a Slovak punk rock and comedy rock band from Nitra.

Horkýže Slíže is formed on November 4, 1992 in Nitra>. The band's first concert was in February 1993 in Nitra with Amnestia and New Kids on The Bollocks. That same year, the band recorded its first demo. In 1997, the group released its first studio album, V rámci oného, to the BMG label. It follows from two other albums, Vo štvorici po opici and Ja chaču tebja, in 1998 and 2000, respectively.

In October 2002, they publish Kýže sliz, on the EMI Records label, which sells over 30,000 copies>. Another album, Alibaba has 40 krátkych songov, is published in November 2003, and reached the 57> place of the rankings>. The album Ritero Xaperle Bax, published in October 2004, reached the 33> place of the rankings>.

Their album St. Mary Huana Ganja is published on November 4, 2012 at HS Records and reaches the 32> place of the rankings>.

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