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Horna is a Finnish black metal band from Lappeenranta. "Horna" means in Finnish "abysses" or "Hell" . The group chose this name because they liked the consonance. Shatraug, one of the group's creators, often replaces members who lack motivation.

The group formed in late 1992, under the name of Shadowed, by the singer and guitarists Shatraug and Moredhel (Jyri Vahvanen, later founder of the group Battlelore >>>) in Lappeenranta. They then change their name to Horna when they are joined by the drummer Gorthaur, and keep that name permanently. Shatraug is at this time influenced by Norwegian black metal and is inspired by groups such as Emperor>. Horna, as a whole, was inspired by Beherit>. In September 1995, the group released its first demo, Varjoissa, produced by its own means.

A year later, Nazgul joined the group>, better known as Satanic Tyrant Werewolf. In 1997, the band recorded its second demo entitled Hiidentorni. In 1998, the band released their first real studio album, following many demos and EP. The album is titled Kohti Yhdeksän Nousua and released under the label Solistitium Records. The next album, Haudankylmyyden Mailla, will be released under the same label. In June 1999, guitarist Moredhel and bassist Skratt left the band. Thanatos will replace Skratt on bass while Moredhel returns to the group in August of the same year. Shortly after, the band signed with the Norwegian label Oskorei Productions and released in vinyl version their album Haudankylmyyden Mailla. This will be the only production of the group released under this label.

During the early 2000s, the band released many splits with other black metal bands. Among them, one can count Behexen, Black Death and many other groups much less known of the metal scene. In 2002, the singer Nazgul von Armageddon left the group and will found on his side the black metal band Satanic Warmaster. He will be replaced later by Corvus. In July 2003, guitarist Aarni T. Otava left the band. It will be replaced by Infection.

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