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Hot Water Music is a punk rock band from Gainesville, Florida.

Hot Water Music is formed in 1993. Their name comes from the eponymous novel by Charles Bukowski. The quartet has long been one of the spearheads of the so-called "Gainesville" punk scene. After releasing two EPs and an album, the Hot Water Music separated briefly 1996, to reform immediately. In 2001, they leave No Idea Records who had released their previous albums to join Epitaph who is responsible for marketing their next three albums. However, they collaborate with several other groups (including Alkaline Trio) and labels for EPs and split CDs.

In 2005, the group decided to take an indefinite break after Chuck Ragan left. The following year the band's separation was formalized and endorsed by the release of The Draft's In a Million Pieces album, a band composed of the three other members, completed by Todd Rockhill.

However the group is reformed in 2007>, occurs in various festivals and tours and out, on No Idea Records, the label of his debut, several live EP and EP Split with The Bouncing Souls. An album entitled Exister is announced for May 15, 2012>. In 2008 released on No Idea Records a compilation of rare pieces and B-sides called Til The Wheels Fall Off. On November 5, 2008, Hot Water Music announces three concerts between late January and early February. The group returns to a "secret concert" at the Common Grounds in their hometown of Gainesville, Florida, on January 18, 2008. They play the headliner on the Eastpak Core Stage Groezrock festival in Meerhout, Belgium, May 9, 2008.

In 2009, they played in Atlanta at the Masquerade, a tour of the legendary Naked Raygun and a few concerts in November and December. On June 15, 2009, drummer George Rebelo joins Against Me!

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