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IAMX is a solo musical project initiated by Chris Corner. Chris Corner has also said many times that IAMX is very different from his reality, his real personality and his music is a kind of "act". IAMX's music is mainly related to topics such as different sex practices, death, intoxication of drugs, bisexuality, decadence, obsession, alienation and some vague allusions to politics. After living in Berlin, where he says he has found "The spirit of taking a step back from the music industry and taking the road to independence," Chris Corner currently lives in Los Angeles.

IAMX music is described as "a very dark music, erotic with the influences of electro music of the 80s". The first Kiss + Swallow album was released in 2004.

The second album of IAMX, The Alternative was released in April 2006 in Europe, in October 2007 in digital version in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and in November 2007 in physical version still in the United Kingdom and Ireland. In June 2008, he comes out in physical version in the USA. A new release of her first Kiss + Swallow album on June 17, 2008 in the US. It also includes a song that was not present on the first version I Polaroids and the remix of Kiss and Swallow. It also features a new album cover.

The live album, Live in Warsaw, was released on November 14, 2008.

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