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Ice nine kills

Ice Nine Kills (sometimes referred to as ICE NINE KILLS or INK abbreviated) is an American metalcore band from Boston, Massachusetts. Ice Nine Kills was formed in 2002 by his high school friends, Spencer Charnas and Jeremy Schwartz. Originally, the band pursued a style combining pop punk, emo, post-hardcore and ska, in their own mix of innovative rock, but they have since evolved into a style described as theatrical, metalcore and metal symphonic.

Since its formation, Ice Nine Kills has a total of three EP - The Burning , 2 Song Acoustic , The Predator -, as well as five studio albums: The Predator Becomes the Prey , Every Trick in the Book , The Silver Scream

Their group name is derived from the fictional ice-nine substance of Kurt Vonnegut's sci-fi novel Cat's Cradle.

Ice Nine Kills is formed under the name of Ice Nine by friends and high school students Spencer Charnas and Jeremy Schwartz, but quickly becomes Ice Nine Kills before the release of an independent album, Last Chance to Make Amends , April 20, 2006>. The group's name comes from a substance called ice-nine from Kurt Vonnegut's science fiction novel "Cat's Cradle" .

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