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Ildjarn is a Norwegian black metal band (one man band) from Bø, Telemark County. In 1995, Ildjarn released a first album of the same name, which contains a total of 27 songs. The project appears for the last time for the compilation Ildjarn, in 2005, and is dissolved the same year. In 2013, Ildjarn's albums are reissued by Season of Mist.

Ildjarn was formed in 1991 by his only member Vidar Vaaer>, who also has the pseudonym Ildjarn playing all the instruments and singing. Norwegian words are almost inaudible. Some compositions have been entirely made using a synthesizer. Vidar Vaaer is the only member of the group. However, Nidhogg comes to join Idjarn to play the time of a few sessions. He played the keyboard and the drum machine, and sang.

In 1995, Ildjarn released a first album of the same name, containing a total of 27 songs. The band Sort Vokter produces a single album called Folkloric Necro Metal, composed of Vidar Vaaer and Nidhogg, published in 1996 by Norse League Productions >>>. That same year, Ildjarn's second album, Strength and Anger, followed by a third, Forest Poetry, was released >>>>>.

In 2003, they perform a split>. There are also Tomas Thormodsæter Haugen and Vegard Sverre Tveitan known under the pseudonyms Samoth and Ihsahn respectively who came to sing for Ildjarn. The last musical production released in 2005 is entitled Ildjarn is Dead confirms the dissolution of Ildjarn the same year . One of Vidar Vaaer's motives for ending Ildjarn is the break-up of his four-track tape recorder.

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