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Illdisposed is a Danish death metal band from Aarhus. He was trained in 1991 by singer Bo Summer. In 2013, the group includes singer Bo Summer, guitarist Jakob "Batten" Hansen, guitarist Ken Holst and bassist Kussen. Since its formation, Illdisposed has a total of eleven studio albums, two compilations, two EPs, and a self-distributed DVD>

The band was formed at the beginning of 1991 by singer Bo Summer. They quickly release the demo The Winter of Our Discontempt . At the end of 1992, their title Revert appears on the compilation Fuck You, We're from Denmark . The following year released Four Depressive Seasons, their first studio album. In December, the band goes on tour in Europe with the bands Wargasm and Sinister.

In 1994, drummer Michael Enevoldsen left the band and joined Angel Accelerator Death. At the beginning of the year 1995 released Submit, with Rognvard drummer Rolf-Hansen, who was guitarist in the group Caustic. In 1997 released the album There's Something Rotten in the State of Denmark, whose output is followed by the departure of guitarist Morten Gilsted.

In 2000 comes Retro , an album of covers by bands that influenced the music of Illdisposed. In this album are titles of Carcass, Autopsy, Darkthrone, Venom, Motörhead, and AC / DC. In 2001 released the album Kokaiinum .

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