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Immortal is a Norwegian black metal band from Bergen. Founded in 1990 by Abbath and Demonaz Doom Occulta, Immortal lists several albums that became references in the black metal music scene, and is one of the world's best-known bands in this style.

After having released three albums, Immortal has finally found a permanent drummer, Horgh, and it is with him that is produced the fourth album, Blizzard Beasts . Shortly after, Demonaz had to leave the group because of tendinitis on the arm and was replaced by Abbath on the guitar. The band composed only of Abbath and Horgh releases his fifth album, At the Heart of Winter , which marks a significant change in the style of the band with the introduction of thrash metal elements. In the following months, the bassist Iscariah joined the group to allow Abbath to focus only on the guitar.

After publishing Damned In Black in 2000, the latest album produced with Osmose Productions, the band signed with Nuclear Blast and produced their seventh album, Sons of Northern Darkness , which climbed in the charts of several countries in Europe. After disbanding in 2003, the band meets in 2007 for the tour 7 Dates of Blashyrkh Tour . In 2009, Immortal produced his eighth album, All Shall Fall , with Abbat, Horgh and Apollyon from Aura Noir.

The group's music videos, considered of poor quality, have nevertheless made their style known worldwide. The video of Call of the Wintermoon is easily found on the Internet since its democratization in the early 90s. The images were filmed in the Norwegian forests and became a reference in the black metal style.

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