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In Flames is a Swedish alternative metal band, originally from Gothenburg, formed in 1990. With At the Gates and Dark Tranquility, In Flames is at the origin of the development of the melodic death metal genre. Since its creation, the band has a total of eleven studio albums and a live DVD.

At the beginning of the group, the group has various musicians. At the exit of Colony (1999), the formation stabilizes. Their sixth album, Reroute to Remain (2002), is characterized by a more metal-oriented sound than their usual melodic death metal. This evolution is criticized by the fans; however, this change allows them to gain popularity and sell more albums. In 2008, In Flames has more than two million records sold worldwide.

In Flames was formed in 1990 by the meeting of three members of Ceremonial Oath: Jesper Strömblad, Johan Larsson and Glenn Ljungström. Jesper formed the group with the goal of writing melodic songs, which he could not afford within Ceremonial Oath. He officially left Ceremonial Oath in 1993 because of musical differences, and then devoted himself entirely to In Flames. He recruits Glenn Ljungström on guitar and Johan Larsson on bass, constituting the first official formation of In Flames.

They record a short demo that is sent to several labels. Wrong Again Records marks them and it was in 1993 that the band self-produced their first album Lunar Strain, under this label. Having no fixed singer, Jesper asks Mikael Stanne (future member of Dark Tranquility) to sing for the studio sessions. Lunar Strain finally released in 1994>.

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