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In Vain is a Norwegian progressive progressive metal band from Kristiansand. Formed in 2003, they have to their credit three albums and two EPs, signed with Indie Recordings.

The group In Vain is formed in 2003 in Kristiansand>, by Johnar Haaland and Andreas Frigstad. Their first recording, Will the Sun Ever Rise (Summer 2004), positively received by the critics, is a three-track EP mixing aggressiveness and studied and complex atmospheres.

The success met quickly brings the band back to the studio for a new EP, released in December 2005. This demo is much more musically mature than the previous, pouring into a more progressive side, even dramatic, without sacrificing the brutal vein of the first EP. This recording raises the question of the ideological direction of the group, some words implying a Christian influence. The group is explained by the fact that three of the five members are Christians, but this ideology does not apply to the whole, and therefore In Vain is not a Christian group. From this point in their careers, they support their training with the help of additional musicians for the saxophone, cello and essential drums. Wounds receives an enthusiastic welcome, propelling In Vain into the most promising extreme metal artists. Soon after, they signed with the Norwegian label Indie Recordings.

Their next album, The Latter Rain , released in 2007, is a real thunderbolt for the extreme metal community. This album remains in their very varied style, but pushes the limits of inventiveness and research even further. About 20 additional musicians and several guest singers (such as Jan K. Transeth and Kjetil Nordhus) give this album more depth and complexity.

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