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Infected mushroom

Infected Mushroom is a Israeli psychedelic trance musical duet from Haifa. The group was formed in 1996 by Amit Duvdevani and Erez Eisen. The duo is enjoying increasing success; it is one of the best known of its kind both nationally and internationally >>>.

Before meeting, Erez and Duvdev had been practicing music since childhood, especially the piano. The name of the project, which literally means "infected mushroom" , is taken from one of the punk rock bands in which Duvdev played and composed previously.

The group's debut album, "The Gathering" , was released in 1999, becoming a classic psychedelic trance genre. Infected Mushroom then produces other albums that are gaining increasing popularity among audiences, making this Israeli duo one of the largest psychedelic trance bands. This success is probably due in large part to the accessibility, but especially to the eclecticism of the group, especially in the album Classical Mushroom , released in 2000, featuring titles mixing trance sounds and classical instruments (including guitar and piano). The melodic richness of the duo is regularly acclaimed but it is especially the sound versatility of the band, the quality and the originality of the sounds used in their compositions which give them a particular status in some fans. Alongside its creations, the group is in permanent representation in many countries around the world, mainly in Israel, but also in countries where psychedelic trance is relatively popular, as in Brazil, the United States, Germany or the United States. Portugal>.

In 2003, the album Converting Vegetarians begins a change of course: the face Trance Side remains in the lineage of previous albums, the face The Other Side is a real surprise, milder rhythms and accents less psychedelic. In return, the appearance of written words, more varied instruments show the hidden potential of the group, the characteristic melodies of Erez are still there, and the experiments of Duvdev are more advanced. Michele Adamson participates in three titles: Blink , Ballerium , and Illuminaughty . The evolution of the group is debated. On the one hand, first-time fans accustomed to strong psychedelic influences admit that they do not understand the interest of this bifurcation, which some consider to be "commercial" ; on the other side the most recent fans, or just more open, seduced by this unique and powerful style, do not stop supporting the group>.

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