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Iron maiden

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Iron Maiden is a British heavy metal band from London. The band was formed in December 1975 by bassist Steve Harris and joined very quickly by Dave Murray. He was one of the pioneers of what is called the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, The New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Iron Maiden is one of the biggest commercial hits of heavy metal, having sold nearly 100 million albums >>>. Their sense of melody and a certain complexity bring them closer to progressive metal.

Their longevity, their powerful and melodic compositions, the diversity of their discography and especially their quality of precursors of the genre have made it one of the leading bands of the heavy metal scene. The name of the group refers to an instrument of torture invented at the end of the XVIII century, the Iron Maiden. Their mascot, Eddie, comes out of the imagination of cartoonist Derek Riggs.

The group has frequently been accused of Satanism, particularly because of the fantastic imagery conveyed or their references to biblical writings such as the Apocalypse >>> or the writings of Aleister Crowley>. The group has always denied these accusations.

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