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Israel Vibration is a trio vocal group of Jamaican reggae, born in the mid-1970s, very famous in France.

Born in Jamaica in the early 1950s, Albert Craig, aka Apple , Cecil Spence, aka Skelly and Lacelle Bulgin, aka Wiss have known each other since their early childhood. All three were polio victims and their poor families had no choice but to place them in a specialized institution recently set up by a British doctor: the Mona Rehabilitation Center. They grow up together, receive the same education and suffer the same mockery from their comrades because of their infirmity.

Physically less diminished than his two peers, Apple leaves the Center at the age of 8 to enter the famous Alpha School held by sisters. At age 14, he leaves the religious establishment to lead a life of runaway. He survives day by day in the street, soon joined by Wiss, then Skelly. They all live miserably in odd jobs and sleep every night under the stars on simple pieces of cardboard.

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