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It dies today

It Dies Today is an American metalcore band.

The band was born in Buffalo, NY, in August 2001. It was then composed of Nicholas Brooks on vocals, Chris Cappelli guitar and Steve Lemke's guitar. The band then creates a mix with brutal riffs coupled with more melodic passages.

In May 2004 released their first EP named "Forever Scorned", this EP is much less melodic than their album and there is practically no singing. Steve then switched from guitar to bass and Mike Hatalak completed the band by replacing Steve on guitar with Chris. The group finally signs at Trustkill.

Fall 2004 release of "The Caitiff Choir" album more melodic than the EP and where Nicholas Brooks sings more. The lyrics are very cynical and inspired for some of Dante's work, The Divine Comedy as "The Caitiff Choir: Revelations" as well as "The Caitiff Choir: Defetism". Nicholas Brooks talks about the disintegration and demolition of human consciousness. In 4 months more than 25 000 copies are sold and the IDT go on tour, they will be present on the Ozzfest 2005 on the 2nd scene alongside Bury Your Dead or The Haunted.

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