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Jake Edwin Kennedy , better known by his stage name Jake Bugg , born February 28, 1994 in Cliffton, is a British singer.

His debut album, Jake Bugg, was released in October 2012 by Mercury Records and ranks first in the UK Albums Chart. Since its release, record sales have exceeded 400,000 copies.

Jake Kennedy grew up in Clifton, a village on the territory of the city of Nottingham. He lives with his father, a nurse, and his mother, a salesgirl, in a subdivision of social housing ( "in council" ). The couple separates during their childhood >>>. He discovers music at the age of 12 when an uncle offers him a folk guitar and teaches him some chords >>>. He plays bass in the group formed by one of his cousins ​​before composing his first songs.

He passes his GCSE (High School Certificate) at Fairham Community College> and studies at Farnborough College of Technology>, but drops out at the age of 16 when he decides to go into music >>>. In 2010, he appeared in This Is Live, a musical program broadcast on the web by the local newspaper Nottingham Post. His performance caught the attention of Jay Hart, who became his artistic agent >>>.

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