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James Blunt , whose real name James Hillier Blount was born February 22, 1974> in Tidworth> in Wiltshire (England), is a singer-songwriter, guitarist and British comedian, recognizable by his light tenor voice.

James Blunt was born in Tidworth, Wiltshire (South West England). He is the eldest of three siblings. He began studying violin and piano at 7, then the electric guitar at 14 and the cello at 16, but stopped the latter instrument after two lessons, lack of interest. Coming from a family of soldiers from father to son, and for generations, James is no exception to the rule. After studying aerospace at the University of Bristol, he joined the British army where he reached the rank of captain. He participates in the UN peacekeeping mission in the former Yugoslavia.

During his stay in Kosovo, he became aware of his interest in music and composed the song No Bravery which recounts his experience of the war. Moreover, he says that in 1999 he was involved in NATO in Kosovo and refused to accept the orders of his superior, General Wesley Clark, to attack Pristina airport, which was controlled by about 200 Russian soldiers because he imagined that it would have terrible political repercussions at the international level>.

He leaves the army in 2002 and devotes himself fully to his passion . James Blunt gives his first concert at Water Rats in London. In 2003, he left for North America where he stayed at Carrie Fisher and gave his first public performance in America in Montreal, Café Campus in front of thirty spectators. In 2004 he recorded his first album, Back to Bedlam. James Blunt manages to win 10 titles to appeal to a wide audience. The single You're Beautiful is number one in many countries. His song No Bravery, inspired by the horrors he saw in Kosovo, is the third single.

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