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Jarre jean michel

Jean-Michel Jarre , born August 24, 1948 in the 4> arrondissement of Lyon, is a lyricist of songs, a French composer and performer of electronic music, who has sold more than 85 million records > during his career.

Jean-Michel André Jarre was born on August 24, 1948 in Lyon>, in the district of Croix Rousse, in a family of musicians. He is the son of the composer of film music Maurice Jarre and the resistant Lyon France Pejot. He is influenced from an early age by his musician and handyman grandfather, co-inventor of the first mixer for French radio.

His parents separated in 1953, the year of his father's final departure for the United States. Jean-Michel Jarre then lives alone with his mother in Issy-les-Moulineaux, in the suburbs of Paris. Referring to his childhood, he said in 2009: "My father was more a gap, an absence, than a musical reference. Every decade, I thought, this time, it's okay. But I have often talked about it, it makes me sad. That parents separate when we are 5 years old is a classic, it happens to everyone. But we have no relationship at all with one of them for over forty years ... "

He begins the piano at eight years old. Discouraged by a teacher deemed too strict, he abandons the instrument for two years. His mother takes him to a Parisian jazz club, "Le Cat qui pêche", held by one of his friends Mimi Ricard (met in the Resistance Lyonnaise). Archie Shepp, Don Cherry and Chet Baker introduce the child to music.

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