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Jay reatard

Jimmy Lee Lindsey Jr. , better known as the Jay Reatard scene, born May 1, 1980 and died January 13, 2010>, was a garage musician American punk from Memphis, Tennessee. He recorded albums as a solo artist and, among others, as a member of The Reatards and The Lost Sounds.

Lindsey begins recording music at the age of 15. Fan Oblivians since a concert in Memphis with Rocket from the Crypt, he hit the ear of Eric Friedl Goner records with his first demo tape.

Lindsey rides his first band The Reatards and nicknamed Jay Reatard ("retarded"). The first release is an EP 7 "Get Real Stupid on which Lindsey plays all the instruments: guitar, vocals and percussion, tapping on a barrel. Greg Cartwright of the Oblivians will then play briefly with Jay, including on stage and will participate in the recording of the first tape Fuck Elvis, Here's The Reatards (No-Fi Records).

For the second album, Lindsey recruits a backing band: Steve Albundy on bass and Elvis Wong on drums. Teenage Hate, the first LP as a trio released in 1998 on Goner Records, followed by Grown Up Fucked Up on eMpTy Records (US) and many singles on different labels. The Reatards make their first European tour in 1998, Lindsey is just 18 years old.

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