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The Jesus Lizard is an American rock band from Chicago, Illinois. He was active until his separation in 1999. He reformed briefly between 2008 and 2010. It consists in his debut of David Yow, singer known for his drunken concerts, David Wm. Sims on bass ( both from Scratch Acid), and Duane Denison on guitar.

After the separation of Scratch Acid in 1987, bassist David Wm Sims leaves Texas to join Rapeman, the new group of Steve Albini, in Chicago. The formation is ephemeral and separates in 1989. In 1988, David Yow had also gone to Chicago in order to form a new group: he recruits the former guitarist Cargo Cult, Duane Denison (graduate of the jazz conservatory and, considering himself too bad bassist, again calls on Sims. The trio is christened The Jesus Lizard. He gives his first concert on July 1, 1989 in Chicago. After the release of the EP Pure realized with a drum machine and produced in collaboration with Albini, the band signs a contract with the Touch and Go Records label (Big Black, Butthole Surfers ...).

In 1990, Mac McNeilly (formerly of Phantom 309) joined the band as drummer and the first album titled Head is on sale. The following year Goat out and the group is spotted by the critics, especially by the magazine Spin: "The Jesus Lizard is a reputation for unparalleled savagery" with his energetic concerts and a hysterical singer who does not hesitate to show off, to urinate, or to mutilate on stage, among other deviant actions.

After the release of Liar in late 1992, the band shares the poster with the most prestigious groups of the independent scene: Boss Hog, Nirvana, Fugazi etc. The band is also touring Europe for the first time, with the first concert being held at London's famous Marquee Club. 1993 is the year of consecration. The group publishes Puss / Oh, the Guilt, a single split in collaboration with Nirvana (which meets a considerable success and totally unexpected after the release of his album Nevermind).

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