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Jinjer is originally a Ukrainian metalcore band formed in 2009 by guitarist Dimitry Oksen. Combining brutality, speed, groove and melody, nowadays Jinjer presents itself rather like a group of progressive groove metal. Although the musicians are of Russian mother tongue, the song, sometimes guttural, sometimes clear, is in English (with the exception of a title of the album Cloud Factory, Желаю значит получу, "I want it I'll get it ", sung in Russian).

Often performing in concert since 2013 to promote and delivering technical and powerful stage performances, the Ukrainian quartet builds loyalty and strengthens its fan base on social networks and is gradually rising in notoriety. The band has given about 80 concerts in 2017, 130 in 2018 and will end the year 2019 with more than 150 dates. He has performed in almost every country in Europe, several times in North America (spring and autumn 2018), South America (2018), Israel (November 2016), Dubai (July 2017), Philippines ( May 2018), Turkey (April 2019), Japan (April 2019) and South Africa (May 2019) and is regularly featured in many metal festivals.

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