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Joachim andersen

Royal Danish Orchestra Orchestra Benjamin Bilse Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra (co-founder)

Carl Joachim Andersen is a Danish flautist, conductor and composer born on April 29, 1847 in Copenhagen and died on May 7, 1909 in Bagsværd. He co-founded the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.

Born in Copenhagen on April 29, 1847, Carl Joachim Andersen learned the flute, along with his younger brother Viggo, from his father, the flautist Christian Joachim Andersen. As a child he played successfully at the Casino Theater accompanied by the young harpist Frantz Pønitz. From the age of thirteen until 1868, he was first flute in the Niels Gade orchestra in Copenhagen.

In 1869 he joined the Royal Danish Orchestra, but resigned after a year off in 1878. Dreaming of great challenges he went abroad. His first stop was in St. Petersburg (1878-1880) where he joined the Philharmonic Orchestra. He then went to Berlin where he was hired as solo flute in Benjamin Bilse's orchestra at the same time as at the Royal German Opera.

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