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Juli is a German pop band from Giessen, Hesse. It is formed, in terms of its current form, in 2001 by Eva Briegel, Jonas Pfetzing, Simon Triebel, Andreas Herde and Marcel Römer, originally this group had already started his career under the name Sunnyglade.

Already at the age of 13, Andreas Herde and Simon Triebel were playing together, later joined by Jonas Pfetzing>. A group called Sunnyglade existed since 1996, quite at the beginning without a singer (it's the guitarist who sang). It was only later that a singer (Miriam Adameit, who has since left the band) joined. In this composition, the band released in 1998 an album in 500 copies of the name Pictures of My Mind and won the Hessischer Rockpreis.

At the beginning of 2001, they signed their first publishing contract with EMI, decided to abandon the name of Sunnyglade (and all the repertoire) and to play songs in German under the name of Juli. The band's name comes from a song by the same name from another Berlin group, Tex.

Juli's first concert dates back to June 2002 and the group is convincing audiences and publishers, but especially the members of the group themselves, as they play in a new composition. A producer then asked for a new demo for October 2002, very well received by their publishing house which offers them a showcase and in August 2003, in Cologne, Eva, Jonas, Simon, Andreas and Marcel sign together their first contract>.

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