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Julos beaucarne

Julos Beaucarne , pseudonym of Jules Beaucarne, born June 27, 1936 in Ecaussinnes (Belgium), is a Belgian artist (storyteller, poet, comedian, writer, singer, sculptor), singing in French and Walloon . He lives in Tourinnes-la-Grosse in Walloon Brabant (Belgium).

Student at the College of Soignies. Between 1961 and 1966, he was an actor in Brussels (especially at the Rideau de Bruxelles and at the Alliance Theater). Julos Beaucarne recorded his first 45T in 1964 and released his first LP in 1967, Julos sings Julos.

Since then, he has produced about one album every two years. Let's mention The Child Who wants to empty the sea (1968), Julos sings for you (1969), Candlemas 75 (1975), Les Communiqués colombophiles (1976), Julos at the Théâtre de the city (1977), La P'tite Gayole (1981), Songs of love (2002), double album of a concert given with Barbara of Alcantara (pseudonym of Barbara Sernells) on the farm of Wahenges, near his village of Tourinnes-la-Grosse, and two CDs where he sings poems he put to music>.

These albums are presented as montages of songs, recited poems, humorous monologues, "sounds taken and extracts of voices" ... Each album is thus an atmosphere, more than a concept, whose songs translate multiple a particular state of mind where the revolt ("Letter to Kissinger", "Bosnia and Herzegovina"), tenderness ("Y worth meyeu s'bêtchi"), humor ("Pompes funèbres") and daily, like the voice of his neighbor Ferdinand in the "Communiqués pigeon".

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