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Kalmah Kalmah is a Finnish melodic death metal band from Oulu. Their musical style is close to that of groups such as Children of Bodom, but especially Eternal Tears of Sorrow. The formation of this group is done after the separation of the Ancestor group. Less than a year after its creation, Kalmah signed with Spikefarm Records, a division of the Finnish label Spinefarm Records.

The story of Kalmah begins in 1991 when Pekka Kokko and Petri Sankala form the Ancestor group. After two demos, Antti Kokko joins the group to take the position of guitarist. In 1998, after recording five thrash / death metal demos with five different bass players, this is the end of the Ancestor group. The Kokko brothers formed the Kalmah group in autumn 1998 in Oulu >>>>> and the training was completed by Pasi Hiltula on the keyboard.

With great enthusiasm, the band starts composing a promotional disc. With the song of melodic death metal Svieri Obraza, the band signs its first contract with Spikefarm Records. The band does not waste time and records the album Swamplord in the Tico-Tico studio with Pekka Kokko on vocals and guitar and his brother on guitar. Sankala on drums, Hiltula on keyboard and Veteläinen on bass complete the band.

In November 2001, the band is back in Tico-Tico studios to record the album They Will Return , released February 2, 2002 The group changes after the departure of Altti and Petri. They are quickly replaced by Timo Lehtinen (Catamenia) on bass and by Janne Kusmin on drums. In the summer of 2002, the band made a short tour in Finland and played in Wacken. Then the group starts composing again. After much practice and work, the group returned to Tico-Tico studios in February 2003 to record ten new tracks. The new album is titled Swampsong . The band ends the recording of Swampsong in the Finnvox studios, released on May 23, 2003. The album is very well received by fans and group makes several benefits. Pasi Hiltula, the keyboardist, left the group in early 2004, replaced by Marco Sneck.

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