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Kataklysm is a Canadian melodic black and death metal band from Montreal, Quebec. He was trained in 1991 and recorded, in 1992, a first demo tape entitled The Death Gate Cycle of Reincarnation . In 2016, the band has a total of 12 studio albums, three demos, two EPs, and two live albums.

Kataklysm was formed in the fall of 1991 in Quebec City or Montreal (according to sources). In their debut, they play a fast and chaotic metal style before the departure of Sylvain Houde, and after the arrival of bassist and backing vocalist Maurizio Iacono and bassist Stéphane Barbe. In February 1992, the band recorded a first demo tape entitled The Death Gate Cycle of Reincarnation . From then on, the group identifies its musical style as "metal hyper-blast of the north>" or "northern hyperblast>. "

The group consists initially of singer Aquarius Sylvain Mars Venus (Sylvain Houde), guitarists Jean-François Dagenais and Stéphane Côté, bassist Maurizio Lacono and drummer Ariel Said>. The group signed to the German label Nuclear Blast Records for the release of their first EP titled The Mystical Gate of Reincarnation , which includes the song as well as a song entitled The Orb of Uncreation . Another preproduction gives the demo The Vortex of Resurrection . From then on, the group became a quartet, after the departure of Stéphane Côté, who will form the group Obscene Crisis, and will present Max Duhamel on drums as claimed in the single Vision the Chaos (1994)>.

They then publish their first studio album, Sorcery , and play on European dates with Deicide, then become the first Canadian band to tour in Mexico>. Max Duhamel was forced to leave the group at the end of 1995 due to a cartilage injury in his right knee. He is then replaced by the American drummer Nick Miller. This training recorded in June 1996, the album Temple of Knowledge (Kataklysm Part III) .

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