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Kettcar Kettcar is a German independent rock band from Hamburg. Formed in early 2001, Kettcar is ranked in indie rock and German indie pop. The group is often associated with Hamburger Schule. According to Marcus Wiebusch, there is no relationship with this current except for geographical origin. Reimer Bustorff defines the style of the band "pop guitars" .

In 2001, Marcus Wiebusch of ... But Alive and bassist Reimer Bustorff, also a member of ska group Rantanplan, decided to break with punk and ska traditions for a more emotional style. Together with Erik Langer (guitar), Frank Tirado-Rosales (percussion, ... But Alive) and Marcus' brother, Lars Wiebusch (keyboards), they form Kettcar for a different sound of more personal lyrics.

After the debut of their debut album, Du und wieviel von deinen Freunden, Wiebusch and Bustorff team up with Tomte singer, Thees Uhlmann, and launch the independent Grand Hotel van Cleef. At the beginning of 2002, Du und ... becomes the first album published by the label. His success, the moderate, far exceeds expectations and Kettcar becomes the idol of the German music press. In March 2005, Kettcar released his second album, Von Spatzen and Tauben, Dächern und Händen, which reached fifth place on the German charts.

Kettcar's third album, Sylt, was released in April 2008, and reached fifth place on the German charts. In August 2008, Kettcar played an acoustic concert at the Kampnagel club. In November 2009, Kettcar continues his momentum and plays six concerts with the Neue Philharmonie Frankfurt orchestra. A shooting of the concert, Fliegende Bauten, is published in January 2010. In June 2010, Frank Tirado-Rosales announces his departure from the group to devote himself to other projects. His successor is Christian Hake, drummer of the Home of the Blade group. On February 10, 2012, their fourth album, Zwischen den Runden, is released.

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