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Kiemsa is a French punk rock band from Lassay-les-Chateaux in Mayenne. The group ceases its activities in 2011.

Kiemsa was trained at the Don Bosco high school in Mayenne in December 1999 and comes from the north Mayenne (Lassay-les-Chateaux) >>>. The group gives its first concert in February 2000 in Laval. "An hour of concert after only three months of rehearsals, it was pretty weird! " dixit Martin Hallier, the singer of Kiemsa (source Direct 8). The band had eight musicians in its early days to stop at a training of seven musicians in 2006. The group worked in 2001, until its separation, with the association Igloo located in Angers.

After several concerts in the bars of his region, Kiemsa released his first EP in 2001, Question silly, then another three-track maxi-CD, The Ghost Workshop in 2002. In 2003 out Nuits rouges, the first studio album of Kiemsa . They then tour France, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany for concerts and festivals. Kiemsa has been very successful in Germany since their first "marathon" tour of January 2008 (17 concerts in 19 days throughout Germany) and some festivals in the summer of 2008. They sign a contract with a German label in October 2008 in order to get out all the records in store there. Kiemsa releases the album Eaux troubles in 2006 >>>, then Délices in 2009>.

On August 6, 2010, they go to Switzerland to play the Rock Air> festival. At the end of 2011 the band ceases all activity, finishing their career with two concerts in Nantes, where is recorded a CD / DVD live. Kiemsa justifies his separation by stating that "Since our beginnings, when we were high school students at the Sacred Heart of Mayenne, we say that music is passion. After our album Délices, there was no longer the flame. Some people want to have a real job, and the composers unfortunately have no inspiration for Kiemsa. ">.

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