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Killerpilze is a German pop rock band from Dillingen near Munich. Composed of three members, it is formed in 2002.

Killerpilze was formed in October 2002 in Dillingen by four high school students. Johannes Halbig (vocals, born July 30, 1989), Maximilian Schlichter (guitar, born July 3, 1988), Andreas Schlagenhaft (bass, born September 9, 1988) and Fabian Halbig (drums, born December 23, 1992) which was to be a provisional member.

The band then composes songs in German, but also in English, evoking everyday life. At that time, the band does not have a name yet. Fabian Halbig (drummer) will find him some time later at a pizza party. Indeed, he had ordered a mushroom pizza and seeing the size of those cried "These are mushrooms * killers **! (*

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