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Kim Bendix Petersen , aka King Diamond (born June 14, 1956 in Copenhagen) is a singer and Danish metal musician. Known thanks to his performances with Mercyful Fate, he began a solo career after the separation of the group, in a less thrash, rather heavy register. Renowned for his impressive vocal performances (screams, howls, narration, theatrical and diverse voices, sometimes shrill), he is still one of the darkest metal musicians (near-black makeup before the hour, records telling stories horrors, very dark atmospheres, tortured) and original of his time.

Petersen began his musical career at age 19, as a guitarist in a Danish cover band: Brainstorm >>>. But the future King quickly leaves this group, to join Black Rose, another local group. It is from this moment that he begins to sing. Discovering Alice Cooper, he also discovered a passion for dark, macabre music, and horror and theatrical staging. This discovery made him leave Black Rose, to continue on his third group in two years, Brats>. Made up of Timi "Grabber" Hansen on bass, Michael Denner on guitar, and Hank Shermann (Rene Krolmark of his real name, and bassist-guitarist of his condition), Brats is the basis of what would become Mercyful Fate>. On a punk-metal background, the King worked his voice, trying to develop an almost macabre side. Finally, the group welcomed a fifth member, Kim Ruzz, a drummer, then became Mercyful Fate, in 1980. The machine is launched, and it was still necessary to produce a demo, made a few months later. Curse Of The Pharaohs marked the spirits, and attracted many labels.

In September 1982, Mercyful Fate records his first EP Mercyful Fate on the Dutch Rave-On Records. The press applauds the attempt; three titles were played the following year at the BBC Rock Show. Finally, in June 1983, Roadrunner Records hires the group. Melissa will be born a few months later, and will mark the beginning of the fame for Mercyful Fate and her leader, King Diamond. This album is still considered by some as one of the precursors of black metal, because of its dark ambiances and the satanism claimed by the King. In addition, he will remain, with most of his successors, one of the influences of groups like Metallica, who will play many times of Mercyful Fate. In May 1984, the band recorded a second album, "Do not Break The Oath" which also appeared on Roadrunner Records. Also attaining the status of cult, it prolongs the success and sustains the reputation of the group. However, the members separate just after.

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