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Kittie , also stylized KiTTiE , is a Canadian women's nude band from London, Ontario. Fallon Bowman (guitar) and Mercedes Lander (drums), the founders of the group, met in 1997 during a gymnastic class, the group is created afterwards, when Morgan Lander (guitar and vocals) older sister of Mercedes join them. They begin by playing covers of Nirvana and Silverchair and then compose their own songs afterwards.

Kittie was formed in 1996> meeting Mercedes Lander thresher and Fallon Bowman guitarist in gym class>. Mercedes's sister, Morgan Lander, becomes the singer and guitarist after weeks of jam sessions between Fallon and Mercedes. Tanya Candler completes the training by joining her as a bass player. Kittie records some demos and starts performing concerts in 1998>. The group performs at Call the Office and at the Embassy and is a member of Canadian Music Week in 1999>. Kittie meets Jake Weiner, a second at the helm of the NG Records label. The group contacts Jake to see them play on stage, and Jake, as well as NG Records, sign Kittie in the summer of 1999>. Kittie is signed to the distribution label Artemis Records and producer Garth Richardson acquires Kittie's demo. NG Records is acquired by Artemis Records. Before that, Kittie had ended up on Artemis Records.

Kittie publishes his first album, Spit on Artemis Records, and tours with Slipknot. The album is finished in August 1999, but it is not until January 2000 that it is published. At this time, radio shows and the press encouraged the album. Spit is not the best-ranked album of the group, it wins a commercial success and is certified gold by the RIAA >>>. The Spit album has at least 600,000 copies sold in the United States and at least 40,000 in Canada. The bassist Tanya Candler is replaced by Talena Atfield>. Their first tour in support of the album leads Kittie to cover the cover of Metal Edge magazine, for which readers voted Morgan Lander in the category of "performer of the year" and Spit in the category of "video of the year" in the 2000 Readers' Choice Awards section of the magazine. The group is also named "New group of the year" , "who will be the greatest superstar" , and < span class = "quote"> "most anticipated group" . On July 11, 2000, Kittie made a video called Spit in Your Eye that includes interviews with the band, and performances with Slipknot.

In August 2001, Fallon Bowman leaves Kittie>. On October 30, 2001, Kittie released his second album, Oracle>. More aggressive than Spit>, the album contains elements of death> and thrash metal>. Morgan Lander notes that the members were only 14 years old when they wrote their first album and "We have not had anything for 4 or 5 years. " It reveals a change of influence explaining: " Before, we listened to bands like Nirvana, Silverchair, and Alice in Chains. Now we're listening to things like Cannibal Corpse and Nile. However, the group continues to write in the same way, first by composing the music then after "listening to it in such a way that it includes the vocal >. The Oracle album is recorded with Morgan Lander on the solo guitar. Fallon's position is endorsed by Jeff Phillips who will work as a guitar technician for Kittie. In 2002, Talena Atfield left the band and was replaced on bass by Jennifer Arroyo. In 2004, the group recruits guitarist Lisa Marx, and Jeff Phillips can finally devote full time to his parallel project, Thine Eyes Bleed. On July 27, 2004, Kittie released his third album, Until the End.

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