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Korpiklaani is a Finnish folk metal band from Lahti, Finland. Their music uses a mix of heavy metal elements, folk and traditional instruments from humppa. The texts speak mainly of the Finnish forest and its legends, parties washed down with beer. The group sees links with nature and women >>> as very important. Korpiklaani means "Clan of Nature" in Finnish>.

While the other folk metal bands get into heavy metal before adding some folk music, Korpiklaani starts as a folk music band before adding metal elements. The roots of Korpiklaani can be traced back to a folk music group named Same Shamaani Duo> a "local restaurant group" created by Jonne Järvelä in 1993>. A folk music album (Hunka Lunka) is marketed under this name before the departure of Järvelä and the change of name from Shamaani Duo to that of Shaman>.

Shaman is the second incarnation of Korpiklaani, formed in 1996, notable for the use of Sami musical elements and their Sami lyrics, too. The band's music is based on that of Shamaani Duo folk. Their most used instruments include shamanic drums, yoik and humppa. The songs vary between clear songs and aggressive howls. Shaman's style is quite distinct, especially in slow songs, recognized by its monophonic synthesizer creating a deep contrast during the pieces of acoustic guitars, drums and yoik songs.

The first recording of Shaman a demo entitled Ođđa máilbmi. The music video was released soon after and presents a wolf trying to escape from his cage and take refuge in the forest. Apart from CD single, the song is included in the album Idja. The band is also showing another album, Shamániac, in 2002>.

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