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Kotiteollisuus is a Finnish heavy metal and pop rock band from Lappeenranta. The group released a first demo in 1993 under the name of Hullu ukko ja kotiteollisuus, before shortening the name to Kotiteollisuus in 1997. The group is particularly popular in Finland.

Hynynen, Hongisto and Sinkkonen meet at school. Sinkkonen will later present Tomi Sivenius to Hynynen and Hongisto. The two friends (Hongisto and Sinkkonen) will form a punk oriented amateur band called A-Studio>. After some rehearsals, Sinkkonen and the rest of the group split up. Sinkkonen will study professionally, while others will go to high school. The group then separates>.

After their military service, Hynynen and Sivenius decide to form a group again. Hynynen was still playing bass at that time. Sinkkonen, without contact with Hynynen for a while, buys a battery and joins the project. They named their project Hullu ukko ja kotiteollisuus in 1993>. Hynynen then plays guitar. Each song at that time is recorded in full by Sivenius or Hynynen. Their first demo is recorded in Viiala with Heikki Peltonen>. Hullu ukko ja kotiteollisuus records a second demo in the same place and with the same training. The demo is still listening on the Internet.

The spirit of the group begins to deteriorate slightly at the time. Hynynen had to persuade Sinkkonen to stay. The third demo of the group is recorded in quartet>. In the fall of 1994, the group recorded a fourth demo, with sound engineer Jani Viitanen. Viitanen will present a demo to the Megamania label, which will sign the band. They record their first album at Headline Studio in Tampa, Florida with Mikko Karmila. They publish the album in 1995. Virtanen leaves the group for lack of time, then they decide to shorten their name for Kotiteollisuus>.

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