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Kreator is a German thrash metal band from Essen. Their musical style is similar to that of Destruction and Sodom, the two other major groups of German thrash metal. These three bands are often credited for launching death metal, thanks to sound elements that will help the emergence of the genre. The group was formed in 1982 without name, but decided to borrow the name of Tormentor in 1984. They play at the origin of speed metal inspired by Venom>. Kreator's songs begin in the vein of thrash metal while orienting industrial and gothic metal from 1992 to 1999, before returning to their classic thrash metal sound.

Since its inception, Kreator has released 14 studio albums, two EPs, a live album and three music compilations. the group released their first album, "Endless Pain ", in 1985. Despite the moderate popularity of their first albums, Pleasure to Kill (1986), in the United States, Kreator only achieved commercial success in 2009 when it released its twelfth album, =" in "> Hordes of Chaos , which reaches the 165> place of the Billboard 200> and which starts 16> in the Media Control Charts, the highest place of the group in this ranking>. In June 2012, Kreator released his thirteenth album, Phantom Antichrist , which was well received by the trade press.

The group formed as Tyrant in 1982 in Essen. The original line-up consists of singer and guitarist Mille Petrozza, drummer Jürgen "Ventor" Reil, and bassist Rob Fioretti. They change their name shortly for Tormentor and release two demos. They change their name once again, but this time definitely for Kreator, and sign to the label Noise Records in 1985. This new change is due to the fact that the label had already signed with another group named Tormentor. Kreator released his first album, Endless Pain , written in just 10 days. The band hires Sodom's future guitarist, Michael Wulf, for the promotional tour of the album. Wulf, a member of the band for some time, does not participate in the recording of the album "Pleasure to Kill" in 1986. A new guitarist , Jörg "Tritze" Trzebiatowski, joins the band and participates in the album, which is widely regarded as a classic thrash >>>>> and a big influence for the stage death metal >>>>>. Produced by Harris Johns (Helloween, Voivod), the album shows the band's technical and talented musical ability. The group then releases an EP called Flag of Hate .

In 1987, Kreator released a third album, Terrible Certainty , often considered as a high quality Kreator album by its sound arrangement, its complexity, and its variation of tempi>. The album has a hit track, Behind the Mirror ; As the band's popularity begins to spread, a music video for the title Toxic Trace is being shot for broadcast on MTV. They manage to find enough time and money (thanks to their concerts) to finance a new EP, "Out of the Dark" ... Into the Light . German independent label Noise Records reaches an agreement with the label Epic Records for a distribution of Kreator products in countries outside Europe and Japan in 1988. Their fourth album at Epic Extreme Aggression , recorded in Los Angeles, became a real success in Europe as soon as it was released in 1989. Continuing in the vein of Terrible Certainty , the album presents the main titles of the group, including Extreme Aggression , which, thanks to video clips get a crazy success Headbangers Ball on MTV. They participate in a tour alongside Suicidal Tendencies, which greatly increases their popularity in Europe.

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