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Krisiun is a Brazilian brutal death metal band from Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul. Since its formation in 1990, the group has two demos, Evil Age in 1991 and Curse of the Evil One in 1992, and an EP entitled Unmerciful Order in 1993. After signing to the label Dynamo Records, Krisiun publishes his first studio album, Black Force Domain in 1995, followed by Apocalyptic Revelation in 1998. They then signed with Major Century Media in 1999, publishing eight albums.

Krisiun was formed in 1990> in Rio Grande do Sul, by three brothers: the singer and bassist Alex Camargo, the guitarist Moyses Kolesne and the drummer Max Kolesne (Alex uses the name of his mother)>. They embark intensely on tour in North America, South America and Europe, recording a DVD during their performances in Poland. The group is inspired by the first albums of Sodom, Kreator, Morbid Angel and Slayer. They record two demos - Evil Age (1991) and The Plague (1992) ->, before relocating to São Paulo in 1995.

The EP Unmerciful Order allows the group to gain some notoriety, and their status is confirmed with the release of their first album Black Force Domain (as trio) in 1995. The following albums are characterized by a more brutal death metal sound. The GUN Records label reissues their album Black Force Domain in 1997>. The band goes on tour the same year with Richthofen, Dimmu Borgir and Kreator >>>. In August 1998, they released their album Apocalyptic Revelation , recorded at Musiclab Studios in Germany with Simon Fuhrmann>. In February 1999, the group made its first North American tour with Incantation and Angel Corpse >>>.

Krisiun signs to the Century Media Records label and reissues again in "> Black Force Domain in 1999, with the addition of bonus songs Nuclear Winter , a cover of Sodom, Total Death of Kreator>. In March 2000 released the album Conquerors of Armageddon , produced by Eric Rutan of Morbid Angel at Stage One Studio>. In support of the album, the band is shooting with Satyricon, Immortal and Angel Corpse in America. In the middle of the tour, however, Pete Helmkamp leaves the band, leading Carmago to take care of the singing.

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