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KSU is a Polish punk rock band from Ustrzyki Dolne in Bieszczady. It was in 1978 that the group adopted the name of KSU. This is the alphabetical code of the license plates issued in the former Krosno Voivodship "KS" (incorporated since 1998 in the Podkarpackie Voivodship). "KSU" specifying the city of Ustrzyki Dolne. In 2005, the group consists of Eugeniusz "Siczka" Olejarczyk, Jarosław "Jasiu" Kidawa, Leszek "Dziaro" Dziarek, Paweł "Kojak" Gawlik, and Piotr "Piter" Leszega

The group was formed in 1977 by five teenagers: Bogdana "Bohuna" Augustyna, Lecha Tomkowa, Eugeniusza "Siczkę" Olejarczyka, Wojciecha "Ptysia" Bodurkiewicza and Mirosława Wesołkina>. During its early years, the band plays covers of bands such as Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. In 1978, the band adopts the name KSU, with reference to the license plates issued for vehicles in the Krosno region >>>. Since then, the band started playing punk rock. The band members wrote a letter to Radia Wolna Europa requesting the broadcast of foreign rock tracks (Sex Pistols, The Damned) >>>.

The group became popular in the 1980s. Thanks to an acquaintance, Kazikiem Staszewskim, the band performed in 1980 at the national New Wave rock festival in Kołobrzeg, with great success. KSU then receives several offers of labels from the Federal Republic of Germany, which will be rejected >>>. The formation of the group changes regularly. At this point, the group remains intensely efficient.

During the 1980s, members must perform their military service. The singer of KSU, Sichka, is incorporated in 1983 to the first Warsaw regiment, the Bohaterów Westerplatte. This unit inspires him to write pieces such as 1944, Po drugiej stronie drzwi, Skazany na 716 dni and Umarłe drzewa>. In 1985, Siczka graduated from military service. The group continues with three members (Eugeniusz "Siczka" Olejarczyk, Adam "Dżordż" Michno on bass, and Bogdan "Tuptuś" Tutak on drums In 1988, during one of the concerts, the group was noticed by the owner of the RSC studio, Andrzeja Wiśniowskiego. recorded his first album Pod prąd, the songs were broadcast on Polish radio, the band gradually gained popularity and played a lot of concerts.> In the late 1980s, their second album, Ustrzyki, was released.

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