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Koukryniksy (in Russian: = "ru"> Кукрыниксы ) is the pseudonym of three Soviet painters and caricaturists:

The pseudonym for these three Soviet artists is an acronym for Kouprianov's Kou, Krylov's kry and Nikolai Sokolov's nik and s.

The constitution of the "trio" was gradually made. First of all, Mikhail Kupriyanov, 19, who had just finished his studies at the Ukrainian school of art, was working together on the preparation of a wall paper at the Moscow Higher Arts and Technology Workshops. 'art of Tashkent', met Porfiri Krylov, aged 20, who had just completed studies with Proletkoult in Tula. In this famous school of the capital, they studied with Dimitri Moor, among other teachers, and both produced the pseudonyms "Kukri" and "Krykup". In 1923 Nikolai Sokolov, a 20-year-old student who had studied at the Prolekoult Art Studio in Rybinsk and who was already signing his works with the diminutive Knicks, was their classmate.

From 1924, they all worked for newspapers like Komsomolskaya Pravda where they were published for the first time in 1926, Literatournaïa gazeta, satirical magazines like Smechatsch (ru) , (The madman), Smena, Krokodil, etc. about ten newspapers, where they mainly created caricatures about the life and works of writers signed "Kukryniksy", a meeting of the three pseudonyms, names that they kept until the end of their collaboration. They continued to frequent Vkhoutemas until 1929 which was the year of their first participation in an exhibition but also the year when they created the sets of paintings 1 to 4 in Vladimir Maiakovski's play, La Punaise>, whose first took place on February 13th.

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